Paying by Direct Debit

Paying through direct debit is something we are pleased to offer to clients. In the legal sector it can be quite unusual, and it is common for work to be completed and the full bill settled within a 14 to 30 day period. But we understand that this method doesn’t always work out, especially for …

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Launching a new app or website?

When you launch a new app or website offering your products and services, do you stop to make sure you have the right protection? It is critical that you have the right terms and conditions in place for your app/website, but are these affordable? When you are starting out it may be that a bespoke …

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Trading Internationally

In times of growth, businesses may consider expanding and selling into different countries. It also may be the case that the market is aboard for certain companies. International businesses gives better choice in the marketplace, more competitive rates and supports the local economy. Some of the key considerations; the style of the contract is critical …

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Is an unsigned contract enforceable?

Many clients don’t come to us until they have a problem. A contract helps a businesses to manage risks but what if it is found to be unenforceable? We have been asked all the common questions – ‘Is an email a binding contract?’, ‘We have a verbal agreement, is this enforceable?’, ‘My client never signed …

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Confident people request contracts

Confidence is a strange thing, it’s a feeling and an enabler, it allows you to take control for your business, apply assertiveness to tasks and project your views good or bad. Confident people have confidence in their business and their abilities, and we have found that they are more likely to protect their business than …

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Customer service and the contract – getting the balance right

A contract is primarily there to protect your business and your clients. It sets out how each party is expected to act and manages the business liability and risks. But as a business owner do you know exactly what is in your terms and conditions?