3 Things to be Alert for when Choosing New Suppliers

So, you’ve decided to invite suppliers to bid to provide services to your organisation.  The goal is usually, to find the best price, and the best service for your company. However, there are several challenges facing those who seek the best deal. Here’s are three challenges you might come up against: 1.           Too much sector …

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“Donate as you earn” – small businesses way to give to charity.

At Create Ts and Cs we have worked with many businesses who like to give something back. We understand how this can benefit charities and we want to help. But when a business decides to donate money to a charity as part of the sales offering, it is important to ensure that the correct contracts …

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GDPR Checklist for Small Businesses

GDPR checklist

Is getting your small business ready for GDPR still on your to-do list? We’ve created a handy checklist for SMEs with all the steps to follow. Read more.

Jurisdiction – a snapshot

When piecing together a contract, an often neglected but incredibly important area (quite literally) is jurisdiction and it seems wild to want to travel the world to fall out – or challenge the contract in court. Let’s strip this back, what is jurisdiction? Quite simply, it’s the location in which your contract is legally defined …

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Small businesses, donations and working with charities.

In our experience, a lot of small business owners are very aware of social responsibilities and many have started businesses based upon a principle or an ethos. It would seem that small businesses are the perfect target for a charity or ethical organisation that requires donations. It appears logical, that a principled small business owner …

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No Warranty No Clarity

This blog is part 2 of a series of 5 that is preoccupied with small business using contracts to avoid contractual disputes. Court is an expensive pursuit and building self-remedy or clauses into your contract, that are enforceable and offer solutions to problems that may arise is practically useful to small businesses. A considered contract …

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