Sell, market or distribute your products or services with an agreement in place

Reseller Contracts

If you would like another business to sell, market or distribute your products or services then it is critical to have a reseller agreement in place. A reseller contract defines an agreement between two parties and outlines the reselling of the services/products post terms and conditions.

At Create Ts and Cs we understand your world and want to help you protect your business whilst you have a reseller agreement in place. We take the time to understand the relationship and ensure that the contract will define and reflect this.

It is important to remember that just because another business is reselling, it doesn’t mean that they own your products or services. Your intellectual property is a valuable asset to your business so you need to protect it. A contract will allow you peace of mind knowing that your reseller agreement communicates this and protects what is rightfully yours. If you have spent time developing and growing a product or service you need to ensure that it is protected.

Issues like getting paid are also important to cover so that both parties understand how and when they are getting paid. If you don’t communicate this information then it can lead to problems, like not getting paid. Reseller contract will help both parties to understand what is expected from them.

A contract will enable you to manage any liability within the business. Should there be any issues, a contract will help you to mediate, or support you in legal action. It also allows input with regards the sales and operational processes.

At Create Ts and Cs we want to help protect your business as you grow. Reseller relationships are a sign of growth, and if you don’t have a contract in place then you won’t be able to do this successfully. We work with you to ensure that the contract reflects your business and helps protect against problems.