Contracts, Terms & Conditions that Communicate Clearly

Franchise Terms and Conditions

At Create Ts and Cs we understand your world. We understand that your business is in a stage of growth and you want to support this expansion. If you are thinking about franchising your product or services then you need to have a set of terms and conditions in place specifically for this.

When you have found a franchisee; you need to ensure that they have the same values and passion as you. They are becoming a part of your business network and need to behave in the same way as your business. A set of terms and conditions will help them to understand how you expect them to trade when they are selling, leasing, or promoting your product/service. Clients will see the franchisee as part of your business, so you need to encourage them to act the same way. You want your clients to have the same level of service as they would get if they came directly to you.

A contract will help you to work together to focus on the franchise and the benefits to your business. It will help to give clients peace of mind, and will allow you to manage the relationship. It will help you to retain control but allow your business to grow.

If there are any disputes between the franchisee and their customer then a contract will help to resolve this. However if legal action is needed then the legally enforceable document will help to support the brand manage most disputes.

The contract will also outline the payment details so that both parties understand what is expected. When it comes to money, problems can arise so it is important to try to prepare for them before they happen. The contract is a communication between both parties and will work to protect the company and aim to promote a sustainable relationship.

It will also help to protect the intellectual property of the business. The franchisee doesn’t own the IP and therefore have no right to misuse your IP. A contract will set out your expectations and communicate exactly how it is to be used.

At Create Ts and Cs we want to help you protect your business whilst you grow it. We take the time to understand your business so that the contract will reflect it and give you the best protection.