Helping to protect your intellectual property so that it remains a valuable asset to your business

Intellectual Property License

When a business is built with intellectual property it is critical to have a license agreement in place.

Any intellectual property that is created by a business becomes a valuable asset and therefore needs protection. Otherwise it can be stolen, altered, or misused and it is the business that loses out. If intellectual property is stolen then this can lead to costly legal action, but a contract will help to support you with this if needed.

At Create Ts and Cs we understand your world and we know how important it is to protect intellectual property. We understand that clients sometimes feel that because they have paid for intellectual property, that they actually own it. There are many cases of stolen intellectual property and the business can lose time and money trying to rectify the situation. A license will communicate what is expected from both parties and outline how the intellectual property is to be used. This can help to resolve any confusion and discourage those whom intent to misuse the IP.

Setting out the business terms and conditions in an IP license agreement means that the business has control. It can set out the length of the license, how the IP can be used and outline payment terms.  By communicating this to clients it allows them to understand how they can work with your business.

Before we draft we take the time to understand the business fully so that we can ensure the contract reflects the operational and sales processes.  We will help to protect your intellectual property so that it remains a valuable asset to your business.