Outlining agreement terms and defining relationships

Introducer Contracts

At Create Ts and Cs we understand that there are many different ways of doing business and building working relationships. Whilst it is good for business to connect with new people, it is important to remember that these relationships could lead to problems – so you need to be protected.

Introducer relationships are extremely beneficial for business – it’s a good way to meet potential clients, and you never know what opportunities could arise.

At Create Ts and Cs we understand your world because we are passionate about connecting, and meeting new business people.

If you build up a relationship that involves introductions you need to think carefully about the terms of the agreement. How much is paid, how are the leads passed? These are all valid questions that are raised when an introducers relationship is agreed.

The best way to communicate this information is in a legally enforceable contract. It will outline the terms of the agreement and define the relationship. At Create Ts and Cs we take the time to understand the relationship so that we can ensure that it is reflected in the contract.

Money is always a difficult subject to talk about, and because of this introducers relationships can be fraught with difficulties. It is important to get the balance right and outline how much will be paid for the introduction and when this payment will be made. It allows you to manage the expectations of the other party, and ensure that you can maintain and grow the relationship.

Trust is a very important part of these relationships and the best way to build it is with a contract. At Create Ts and Cs we want to help you grow your business, but ensure that you are protected.