Get the right returns, refunds, delivery and installation policies for your business

For Retail

We work with numerous public facing or online retail companies. Ultimately, you have a service or product for sale and the conditions of business are critical to you managing the risk within the business and communicating correctly to your customers.

The correct returns policy, refunds, delivery or installation policy is key. It’s important that when dealing with consumers their rights are visible and upheld, this upfront approach is now a credibility builder with the client and it also legalisation .i.e. the law of the land.

The danger is that trading standards can fine you and damage the company’s reputation. In a competitive marketplace offering the right contracts to the client is a key to building a sustainable business.

We work with all public facing organisations including; online/web companies, Gyms (leisure services), Trade (over the counter trade), APP sales, Online Agricultural supplies, Sale of vehicles, Garage services, Wedding services, Consumer sales, Vending machine, Travel and Leisure, Mobile telecommunications.