Protect you intellectual property and get paid on time, every time

For Creatives

We work with all types of creative companies and they generally have a number of common traits which allow us to add value to their business.

Most creatives find contracts a bit of a bore and the need for a contract is generally seen as unnecessary paperwork. However when there’s is a problem, like not getting paid for example a contract can help put the creative business in a position of strength.

A key issue for creatives is intellectual property, you have produced output which is yours, whether it’s a photographic, code, art, content, a methodology or plans of work.

This work if produced by you alone is yours and you should protect it as it’s your real- business value. A correctly written contract can help you protect your work and build value within the business.

The three main issues for creative companies are ‘not getting paid’, their intellectual property being at risk and scope creep – which is the client looking for extra work but for no more payment. Design (graphic), Marketing, Advertising, Architecture, Arts and antique sales, Designer (fashion), Film editing, video and photography, bespoke Software, computer games, publishing, General Editing, Web and App development, online competitions, Interior design.