Having the correct contracts will communicate credibility and offer assurance

For Trades

We work with a number of trades who offer a range of services to both businesses and consumers. These customers are very different with regards to their behaviour and how they work with trades people or engage with businesses who offer contract or building maintenance services.

Working with Consumers

Having the right contracts that reflects the current consumer legislation is vital. With the information commissioner (ICO) protecting both the consumer data and business data and trading standards upholding the rights of the consumer; there is a number of organisation to appease and it makes sense to have the correct contracts in place to appease these institutions and outline the needs of the company. Managing the company risk with regards getting paid, ensuring the consumer is cooperating so you can do the work and communicating the correct warranty of all the work you do including the component parts and the labour is essential to managing expectation.

Working with Businesses

Usually our clients are dealing with larger companies and as a result there exists an inequality in bargaining power. It’s essential the liability, warranty and payment terms are clear and that our client – generally the smaller business – is prepared contractually for issues that might arise.

Being taking seriously is a critical when dealing with larger companies and having correct contracts will communicate credibility and offer some assurance that your business is around for the long-term and not for short gains.

Typically our trades or contract companies work in the following areas;

Scaffolding, Plumbers, Electrician, Kitchens and bathrooms fitters, Roofers, Gas Engineers, Concreters, Joiners, Builders, General trades and Solar panel fitters.