Maintenance agreement helps you get paid for the hours you work.

A recent TUC article stated that workers are regularly doing unpaid overtime.  The article stated over five million workers put in an average of 7.5 extra unpaid hours a week, equating to an average loss of earnings circa £6,517 a year. 

The statistics state that up to 18.2% of employees work unpaid hours. The ramifications for employees is not just loss of earnings, but loss of personal time through working additional hours without recompense.   

However, for the self-employed persons who work extra hours without reward, it can be damaging to the sustainability of the business.  The potential impact on personal lives can be substantial and worsened for those in industries which typically operate support services out-with the usual hours of 9 to 5.

David Reilly, director at Create Ts and Cs comments” it’s critical customers pay for out of hours work, as it a dangerous president to set.  Offering free of charge support or including maintenance as part of a standard agreement”.  He explains that when initial specifications drifts into continuously unpaid work, a client contract can “becomes a real burden to the company”.

The work required to set up and support out of hours services can require serious investment of time and effort. Of course, most businesses offer such services because it tends be the difference in winning or losing the work in the first place.  

Greenbird Services has used Create Ts and Cs to draft terms including maintenance and commented, “We were worried about offering services without the proper contracts, and needed a set of terms and conditions for householders, plus a maintenance agreement for boiler servicing.  We are delighted with the work and would recommend Create Ts and Cs to any business wanting to sort their contracts”.

By using a maintenance contract in additional to an effective set of terms and conditions, you can manage the risk of working unpaid hours, better manage your time, help the customer to understand the service expectations and grow health sustainable business relationships. 


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