“Donate as you earn” – small businesses way to give to charity.

At Create Ts and Cs we have worked with many businesses who like to give something back. We understand how this can benefit charities and we want to help.

But when a business decides to donate money to a charity as part of the sales offering, it is important to ensure that the correct contracts are in place and legislation is followed. If not, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law and in serious trouble.

Charity regulators are quick to clamp down on any illegal activity with hefty fines and even have the power to take further action. Not only would this have a detrimental effect on your business, it could also go against the charity. When it comes to charities, credibility is everything and charities must be perceived to be honest and transparent. And when you work with a charity you need to ensure that you follow this.

When you give a proportion of profits to charity you cannot simply just donate it. You need to establish a link with the charity and put a contract in place. At Create Ts and Cs we take the time to understand how both parties work and draft a contract that will ensure the contract reflects the correct processes. We will help you to navigate the law and ensure that your contracts reflect the correct legislation. A contract allows a structure to be put in place for your charity link, so that the correct processes are always followed.

Bob Spence director at talkriskgroup.com commented “We got Create Ts and Cs to draft the paperwork for our “donate as you earn” relationship with Loaves and Fishes, a Glasgow based charity. Create Ts and Cs put in place the necessary documentation to allow us to advertise that we “donate to a charity” and they have set up the formal paperwork to ensure the charity gets paid as outlined in the company’s advert and in line with the regulators rules and regs”

At Create Ts and Cs we understand this issue intimately – we have worked with charities and understand the importance of having the proper contract in place. You need to protect your business whilst ensuring that the charity will benefit – and a contract will allow you to do this.


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