Legal frameworks that protect your app and your users

App Terms and Conditions

With the world of apps constantly evolving and changing it has become extremely important to have a set of terms and conditions that will protect it.

At Create Ts and Cs we understand your world. We know that a lot of time is spent developing and designing apps for your clients to use. But would you want your hard work to be misused, stolen or altered – of course not. The best way to prevent this is by having a legal framework in place that will protect the app and its users.

Apps are valuable assets, and essentially a business asset, so it needs to be protected against misuse. We know that some users feel that they own your app because they have paid for it, but this is untrue. This is why a legally enforceable contract is beneficial to both businesses. It outlines who actually owns the intellectual property and how it should be used while establishing a credible relationship with all the key stakeholders like, Apple, trading standards (if consumers are purchasing the app only)and ICO.

A contract gives confidence in what the business. A good reputation and a contract in place helps to build credibility. It will help to outline roles, getting paid and who owns what.

A set of terms and conditions will help your users to understand how you expect the app to be used, and what they can expect from you. Managing a customer’s expectations is something that all businesses should look to achieve.

The issue of data protection is always important so a contract that outlines how the personal details of the client will be stored and used, will help to appease your users. Users are becoming savvier and they like to know exactly where their details are stored, and you need to address this if you want users to continue using your app with the secure knowledge of how you work.

We understand that terms and conditions are a formality to most customers who just want to use the app. However, to manage your business risk and outline the user’s rights is in both interests. At Create Ts and Cs we take the time to understand your app so that we can assist to protect your properly.