Foundation agreements that allows shareholders and directors to work together

Shareholder Agreements

When you set up a new business there are so many costs to think about that protecting your business is not always top priority. At Create Ts and Cs we understand your world and want to help you protect your business, so that you can concentrate on getting off the ground.

A shareholder agreement acts as a foundation to a business and allows shareholders and directors to work together. Not only will it help to resolve any issues, but it will help to do this quickly and quietly. A shareholder agreement is not in the public domain, so any boardroom disagreements can be kept quiet so that the business reputation is preserved. A contract will govern the actions of each shareholder which is beneficial should you have disputes or removals.

If you run into any problems or disputes a contract will help you to mediate, essentially saving the company time and money on legal proceedings. It will outline what is expected of all shareholders and communicate how they are expected to act. For example, if a shareholder was to poach customers and provide services under a different business the agreement would discourage this behaviour. It will help to protect the business against any problems within the relationship.

At Create Ts and Cs we understand that the main reason for a shareholder agreement is to save the business money. Because it acts as a communication, it reduces the number of disputes and therefore need for expensive court action. It helps to keep everyone in check and assist the business to manage their reputation.

We understand that a shareholder agreement helps to solve problems within a company and allow them to be managed. At Create Ts and Cs we take the time to understand the business and shareholder relationships so that we can ensure the contract reflects these. By having a legal framework in place for these relationships you can promote growth and manage liability.