Give your clients peace of mind

B2B Terms and Conditions

When you work with other businesses that have a solid legal framework in place, they expect your business to have the same. By having a set of terms and conditions for your business clients you are giving them trust to work with you, and peace of mind.

A legal framework will help you to stay in line with the law and manage your business. It can help you with issues such as getting paid, intellectual property and client disputes.

If you have issues getting paid then a set of terms and conditions will help to resolve them. It communicates when clients can expect an invoice and when you expect to get paid.

It will also help to protect your intellectual property which you may share with your clients.

At Create Ts and Cs we understand that client disputes can occur and we know that you need to be prepared. A contract can help to mediate and resolve the issues before costly legal action is needed.

We take the time to understand your needs and the business in order to draft a contract that will reflect your operational and sales processes. Our bespoke terms and conditions are drafted with your business in mind and will help to protect the business and allow you to transact and grow.