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Properly drafted bespoke Ts and Cs not only formalise your business but can also provide business owners with a valuable insight into how to run their businesses.

Tougher Partnership Rules Could Increase Liability Risk

Legal experts are calling for a change in the law to make it easier to prosecute partnerships and individuals for criminal offences, even after the business has been dissolved and no longer officially exists.

Crackdown on Unfair Terms & Conditions

  by EasyEditor Newswire Firms have been warned to make sure their terms and conditions are clearly defined after the Office of Fair Trading announced a crackdown on contracts which are detrimental to customers or breach consumer protection laws. Currently around 70 per cent of enforcement cases handled by the OFT relate to terms and …

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Freelance Contracts Help Firms Reduce Employment Risks and Costs.

In a desperate attempt to get employers hiring again the UK Government is preparing to shake up the employment tribunal system with a raft of radical measures. Controversial moves such as increasing the qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims from one to two years, scrapping the payment of expenses in hearings and introducing a fee …

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