Confident people request contracts

Confidence is a strange thing, it’s a feeling and an enabler, it allows you to take control for your business, apply assertiveness to tasks and project your views good or bad.
Confident people have confidence in their business and their abilities, and we have found that they are more likely to protect their business than those that concentrate on people pleasing regardless of the risk to their business.  This asset or business you’ve built up requires a certain amount of protection.  Common ways to do this is to seek formality through a contract which outlines the do and don’t and supports the business relationship especially if things go wrong.   Don’t get me wrong a certain amount of people pleasing is important but its sensible to do so post contract rather than reply on the good nature of people you may not really know.  Remember because you act fairly in your dealing doesn’t mean others have the same approach or morality when doing business; not everyone thinks like you?
Understandably, when you are running a business you don’t have the time to think of everything, and the task of organising contracts can be deemed mundane and time consuming. We find that people who have a dispute can be upset, emotional, unsure how to resolve the problem and have lost all their confidence.  Often walking away from an issue when they are owned money because of a lack of appetite to engage in a dispute with no boundaries.  Those at a low point can run into a problem and, the problem often looks bigger. We all have times when we are at a low ebb or not ourselves.  The contract can help to protect the business and maintain the status quo throughout such times, it’s a kind of armour for the business world.


The importance of protecting your business can often be forgotten, but by taking the time do to it you are safeguarding your livelihood, express your capabilities helps to build confidence.


The psychology of confident people means that they like to have control, and will usually act on this. Just like the people that have encountered a problem, confident people understand that they can’t think of everything. But they also understand that a contract will help them to plan scenarios and cover eventualities in a previously tested format. So in a proactive way, rather than wait for a problem to happen, they control the situation by taking action beforehand.


A confident person will seek out the help of an expert to ensure that their business is protected. They will value the output of the contract and understand that it is a remedy for disputes. Its not uncommon for people to believe that they don’t need a contract viewing the document as a barrier rather than parameters set out to protect. Unfortunately anyone can face problems; a contract generates confidence and allows more control in situations that are important. Confident people will happily seek advice and request a contract.


Confidence is the key factor when achieving success, and confidence is the trait that will encourage you to have a facility in place to solve problems before they actually happen. Which is why confident people request contracts.



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