London Stone

After experiencing some uncertainty regarding the validity of our ‘home made’ T&Cs, we decided to seek a professional to create the business a robust set of T&Cs which would give us maximum protection, whilst at the same time being able to stand up in court, should the unfortunate situation arise. After searching online I finally made contact with three firms, and decided Create T&Cs was the way forward. We ended up with a strong set of legally compliant terms and conditions, which were catered to our specific company setup, and covered all of the problems and grey areas we felt needed to be covered. The process was efficient and pain free, and David was always on hand with his knowledge of what would be allowable under the law, and what would not be allowable. Aside from the terms and conditions, a massive additional benefit was my new found understanding of how the law works regarding consumer rights, distance selling and business rights, and the confidence I now had with our T&Cs because I could understand what everything meant and why it was included. This also gave us the knowledge to train our staff to ensure their actions would not affect the validity of our T&Cs.