GDPR Checklist for Small Businesses

GDPR checklist

Is getting your small business ready for GDPR still on your to-do list? We’ve created a handy checklist for SMEs with all the steps to follow. Read more.

If I can understand then I am more likely to adhere

Whilst ignorance is not a defence, ignorance can cause confusions which often leads to problems or disputes. Understandably when you are running a small business, avoiding these types of situations is beneficial. Ignorance of the law as we know is no defence and can often lead to problems and costly legal battles. In short, ignorance …

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Protecting Your Business Against Bad Weather

Want to give your business a more professional appearance? Give your clients peace of mind? Protect your business? Two words. Bespoke contracts. It’s prudent to consider what type of contract will best serve your business – why acquire a contract that is unenforceable and doesn’t represent your business. And with the business world constantly changing …

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Ebola Clauses – where do you stand?

As Ebola continues to spread, over 13,000 people have now contracted the deadly disease. Major airports are operating Ebola screenings for arrivals from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, but as of yet no shipping ports have followed suit. The International Maritime Organisation has ordered that all ports are to remain open to allow trading to …

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The time of the techie

The UK economy benefits from the those who can code. How can they be protected?