Launching a new app or website?

When you launch a new app or website offering your products and services, do you stop to make sure you have the right protection? It is critical that you have the right terms and conditions in place for your app/website, but are these affordable?

When you are starting out it may be that a bespoke contract is not suitable for your business and an entry level contract would be more beneficial to your business to get it off the ground. These are available to download from many places on the internet, and some business even write them themselves. But as we explained in our ‘bespoke Vs DIY’ blog (link) these don’t have much legal standing and won’t offer your business strong protection.

It is important when organising your business contracts to ensure that you have the correct style when launching. Getting to market is the ultimate goal and whilst some things may be deemed unnecessary costs, getting the right terms and conditions in place for your app/website is critical especially when a business is just launching.

The way in which business contract is evolving and it is so important to make sure that your business has some sort of protection. Doing your research to find the right contract is key. For example, it is becoming more and more common for businesses to contract through social media, especially so with apps. We have all done it – download an app and use social media accounts to sign in and agree to the terms and conditions. But the DIY templates available on the internet have absolutely no facility to contract through social media.

An entry level product with a fixed price may be the best option for your business. A set of terms and conditions that aren’t bespoke but still offer the business protection, ensuring the key clauses are in place before you go to market and are up to date with technology and the new ways to contract.

Is this something you may be interested in?

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