Trading Internationally

In times of growth, businesses may consider expanding and selling into different countries. It also may be the case that the market is aboard for certain companies. International businesses gives better choice in the marketplace, more competitive rates and supports the local economy.

Some of the key considerations; the style of the contract is critical to doing international work, if the contract is accessible to those clients where English is  second language, then its sensible and good business practice that there’s no barrier to sale or to contract being understood and sensitive to the cultural differences.

There is a choice in what law the contracts are written under. It can be written under any jurisdiction in the world – but choosing the wrong jurisdiction could cause problems. English law is stable with a good international reputation so this is generally the jurisdiction of choice.

Whether you dealing with consumers of business, a well thought through contract will be understood by potential clients and simply add to the credibility of your company.

The best option is to draft a contract that will help to avoid disputes and problems. A contract should help to give peace of mind and assurance. This will help to minimise legal costs and battles.  Also a correctly written contract will assist to manage client’s expectations and outline their responsibilities.


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